Welcome to Av-Tech Electronics
     We are a small but dedicated company who specializes in the sales, installation and repair of emergency services equipment. Founded in 1984 by our President/CEO, Michael Weber, we strive to provide a superior customer experience through outstanding customer service and high quality workmanship. In the last 28 years, Av-Tech Electronics has grown into Colorado's premiere source for emergency services equipment sales and installation. Every year we outfit hundreds of police and fire vehicles with lights, sirens, radios, radar, docks, push bumpers, weapon locks, spotlights, and mobile data systems. We also provide mass notification sales, installation and repair services for many municipalities and private entities throughout the state of Colorado.
     Our reputation is built on quality products, specialized installation knowledge, and customer service that is second to none. No matter what the vehicle, no matter what the equipment, Av-Tech Electronics has the experience and expertise to delivery quality installation services that meet or exceed your expectations.